Improve the aesthetics of the nose

How to improve the aesthetics of the nose

Medical rhinoplasty The injection of filler in the nose is a little known technique, but particularly appreciated by patients. In fact, it improves the aesthetics of the nose in the different planes as well as the profile face.

The doctor uses either hyaluronic acid (Voluma) or calcium hydroxylapatite (Radiesse), non-hydrophilic products particularly malleable. The injection is virtually painless because the filling product contains lidocaine (anesthetic). It makes it possible to rectify the bumps, to modify the point or to “reassemble” it. It is based on a perfect knowledge of the anatomy, in particular of the vessels.

It is a technique with few side effects except the occurrence of redness, slight edema for a few hours, a small hematoma at the point of puncture.

The result is visible immediately and therefore makes it possible to refine the patient’s wishes during the session. It lasts between six and eighteen months depending on the product used.

This technique can also be : – proposed post-surgical to correct a residual defect – be associated with the use of botulinum toxin, in particular at the level of “bunny lines” on the lateral faces, of eyebrow wrinkles (lion wrinkles) – to go up the tip of the nose – to correct a gum smil

It is not a substitute for surgery which treats pathologies (for example deviation of a partition) or major esthetic defects. However, it can make a temporary correction to allow the patient to accept a larger surgical procedure.

Our solutions to improve the aesthetics of the nose: – Hyaluronic acid injection – Calcium hydroxyapatite injection