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What is Botox®?

Follow this link to find out all about injections of botulinum toxin, often called Botox, as well as their recommendations in the centers of aesthetic medicine Otelina Swiss Medesthetic.

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Discover the Otelina Swiss Spa beauty salons in Nyon and Geneva
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Lack of lip volume
Lack volume of the cheeks
Sagging skin of the cheeks
Drooping lip problem
Circled look problem
Possible treatments thanks to hyaluronic acid injections

Many treatments are carried out using hyaluronic acid injections:
- Reduce acne scars
- Reduce wrinkles
- Look more rested
- Treat falling gaze
- Treat the lion's wrinkle and forehead wrinkles
- Treat sagging face
- Having fuller lips
- Erase wrinkles on the upper lip
- Reduce dark circles

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"All our services as well as the products used benefit from rigorous control by our medical team for quality interventions in complete safety"

How to get rid of acne?

Do you have acne prone skin? We have solutions to bring you for an effective treatment with dermatological monitoring.

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The benefits of Mesotherapy

To know everything about Mesotherapy, go to this page which will reveal in detail the benefits of this often overlooked treatment.

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How to have a smoother skin
All the tips for a smoother skin

The fractional laser or chemical peels can be terribly effective in correcting blemishes on your skin.

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How to get rid of spots
How to get rid of spots ?

You want to get rid of your dark spots or pigment spots, we have the treatment for you...

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Hair problems
What if you take care of your hair?

Hair loss, loss of shine, or dry hair are all problems that we can correct with Mesopecia.

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Sclerotherapy treatment
Do you know about Sclerotherapy?

Recommended for the treatment of burst vessels of the legs, Sclerotherapy is particularly effective. Contact our medical team to discuss it.

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Cellulite treatment
How to end with cellulite?

There are many solutions to fight cellulite, such as lipocryolysis, Palper Roll or radiofrequency coupled with ultrasound. Let Otelina Swiss Medesthetic guide you!

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Stretch marks treatment
Say goodbye to stretch marks that ruin your life!

The medical laser, mesotherapy or radiofrequency coupled with ultrasound from the Otelina Swiss Medesthetic aesthetic medicine centers are the solutions to overcome your cumbersome stretch marks.

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