No more acne

How to get rid of acne

There are several forms of acne :
– Retentional acne: presence of large pores, blackheads (blackheads) and whiteheads (microcysts).
– Inflammatory acne: presence of papules and pustules.
– Cystic acne: presence of inflammatory lesions such as subcutaneous nodules, often painful.

Acne affects adolescents but also adults.
It is important to properly establish the severity of acne and its impact on the person who suffers from it.
The more extensive the acne, the more difficult it will be to treat.
Back acne is often more difficult to treat than facial acne.
The risk of scarring exists even for moderate acne.

You have to search :
– Family factors: there are family forms of severe acne.
– Particularly excessive male hormonal activity (hyperandrogenism).
– Stress: a well-known factor for maintaining or inducing acne breakouts.
– Smoking: nicotine stimulates sebaceous secretion.

Our solutions to get rid of acne :
– Anti-acne peeling
– Skin cleansing for microcysts
– Pulsed light
– Drug and cosmetic treatments