Stopper la chute de cheveux

Stopping hair loss

How to stop hair loss

Hair loss problems, dull, devitalized hair, or even prevention and treatment of baldness…
Hair loss is a common problem for both men and women.
Hair loss is a common problem for both men and women.
Identifying the reasons for the fall is essential to obtain results.
We naturally lose between 30 and 60 hairs a day.
If you see a lot of hair on the pillow, on the clothes, in the shower, you lose a lot more.

There are transient falls with multiple factors :
– Stress
– Tiredness
– Pregnency
– A lack of vitamins, B1, B6, B9, but also of minerals like zinc.

You should also know that hair falls out more in the spring and fall.
It is a transient fall but it can be worrying and alarming when there is already a beginning alopecia.
A consultation with the medical team is necessary before any treatment.
It often happens that a blood test is done to rule out any cause due to a deficiency.

One of the techniques that has proven to be effective is mesopecia.
We will provide locally, in the scalp, all the nutrients for good hair regrowth and good hydration of the scalp.
More recently the injection of growth factors contained in our own blood system (PRP technique or platelet rich plasma) is effective in stimulating regrowth by acting directly on the stem cells of the hair follicle.

Our solutions to stop hair loss :
Cellular regeneration by Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP or vampire lift)
– Drugs (minoxidil, finasteride in men, anti-androgens…)