Raffermir la peau du corps

Tightening the skin of my body

How to firm the skin of my body

The loss of skin tone may be caused by weight loss or may be observed after pregnancy.
But it should not be forgotten that the normal process of aging induces a sagging of the skin of the body.
External factors such as the sun, tobacco, etc. will aggravate the process.
Hormones also play an essential role in women.
This is how, at menopause, women notice a more marked dryness of the skin and its refinement.
A suitable sportive activity, a healthy lifestyle, good hydration of the skin are prerequisites for firming the skin of the body.

To strengthen this program, there are now solutions to tighten the skin:
One of the fundamental actions against sagging is to deeply hydrate the skin.
The second principle is to stimulate the production of key substances in the dermis such as collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin.

Our solutions to firm the skin of the body:
– Cellu M6 Alliance LPG,
– HIFU Focused Ultrasound,
– Ultrasound coupled to radio frequency (Exilis Elite®),
– Fractional laser (on localized areas),
– Mesotherapy (on localized areas),
– Cellular regeneration by Plasma Rich in PRP Platelets or vampire lift (on localized areas),
– Skin booster (on localized areas),
– PRX Biorevitalizer Peeling