Treating a double chin

How to treat the double chin

It is a localized fatty mass, which bothers women and men a lot because the double chin makes the oval of the face heavier.
This ages, especially since with age, the bottom of the cheek, often called “the jowl” tends to go down towards the neck, which reinforces the double chin aspect.
It affects young patients, often who have gained weight or older patients and then becomes part of a larger sagging skin.
We often find genetic predispositions.
In case of overweight the diet will have a positive effect.

The double chin reduction gives a refinement of the face, which is visible very quickly by your entourage.
Ultrasound or cold can also help getting rid of this localized fatty mass.
Skin sagging will often persist.
It is possible today to tighten this part of the face (the cheeks, the chin and also the neck) using the radiofrequency coupled with ultrasound.

Our solutions to treat the double chin :
– HIFU Focused Ultrasound
– Radiofrequency coupled with ultrasound (Exilis Elite®)
– Lipocryolyse