Reduce dark circles

How to reduce dark circles

DARK CIRCLES The circled look gives a tired look, it is therefore a frequent reason in aesthetic consultation. The skin under the eye is fine, so it will be very sensitive to external aggressions (sun, tobacco, stress, etc…). This is why signs of fatigue and age will appear there more quickly. However, the origin of the ring can be familial and therefore arise very early in life.

There are different types of dark circles: – The dark circle – The pigmented ring Both can be combined. The colors can also be very varied (brown, yellowish, purple, bluish …)

When the circle is associated with a loss of volume in the valley of tears, it will be easily accessible to treatment. When the circle is only pigmented, treatment can be more difficult because the color is sometimes just related to the transparency of underlying vessels.

Our solutions to improve or even eliminate the dark circle: – Hyaluronic acid injection to correct a hollow – Medical peel (TCA, Glyco-Eye) to lighten pigment spots or to reduce the brown coloring. The Glyco-Eye peel is a treatment for the eye area in 1 to 6 sessions on all skin types to obtain a smoothing of fine lines and a lightening of the area. – Pulsed light – Mesotherapy to reduce existing fine lines or lighten dark circles – Cellular regeneration by Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP or vampire lift)

POCKETS They are due to a displacement of suborbital fat towards the surface of the skin. They tend to appear with age. When they appear early in life, family origin is frequent or a chaotic rhythm of life with fatigue and stress can also accentuate them. The volume of the bags varies during the day, due to the effect of water retention in the area. Activating the microcirculation by small massages in the morning or applying cold are also little tips to drain the area

Our solutions against pockets: – Hyaluronic acid for beginning bags – Blépharoplastie de la paupière inférieure