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Get rid of your unwanted hair

How to get rid of unwanted hair

This is a matter of interest for both men and women, as hair is no longer considered a symbol of “sex appeal”.
To properly remove hair, you need to take into account its color, thickness, and density as well as the methods used beforehand (wax, razor, etc.).

Two techniques have shown their effectiveness :
– Laser light and medical pulsed light.
– Electric hair removal.

The light penetrates the skin without damaging the tissues and is absorbed deeply by the brown pigment of the hairs (melanin).
Only the hairs in the growth phase will be destroyed.
This hair cycle is variable depending on age and body area.
The rhythm of the sessions will therefore be adapted to this cycle and the sessions may be more or less spaced (6 to 12 weeks).

The white hairs, not being colored, must be treated by electric depilation.
We practice permanent hair removal, painlessly, safely, under medical supervision, on all skin types, even dark, and on all types of hair, even fine hair, in men and women.
Between sessions, the hair can be shaved or cut with scissors.
It is recommended not to wax or remove hair with tweezers.

Our solutions to get rid of unwanted hair :
– Laser hair removal
– Medical pulsed light
– Electric hair removal