Look more rested

How to look more rested

This is one of the most frequent requests for consultations.
Fatigue has become the number one enemy of women (L’Oréal® Research consumer study).
We sleep less than before, about six hours and fifty-five minutes a night.
But this is not the only factor behind this feeling.
The impact of new technologies is also raised, we must always be on top and show it.
So how do you get up in the morning with a fresh, rested complexion?
The fundamentals of the treatment will be to promote hydration of the skin, stimulate cell renewal and reduce inflammation due to stress.

However, tired air takes on a different appearance on a face:

– Un teint gris
– Undereye bags
– A falling look
– Marked expression lines
– Sagging skin

The first step will be to do a good facial analysis.
Various aspects imply that the solutions will be multiple and often combined.

Our solutions to look more rested:
– Mesotherapy
– Cellular regeneration by Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP or vampire lift)
– Microneedling
– Skin boosters
– Chemical peel
– PRX Biorevitalizer Peeling
– Botulinum toxin (Botox®)
– Hyaluronic acid
– Fractional laser
– HIFU Focused Ultrasound
– Radiofrequency coupled with Ultrasound (Exilis Elite®)
– Picocare laser
– Pulsed light
– Tensioning wires
– Surgical lift