lèvres pulpeuses

Having fuller lips

How to have fuller lips

The mouth is a major asset in seduction.
The term pulpy is said of a fruit, a plant which contains pulp.
By extension it is said of a round and sensual part of the body: luscious lips.

The upper and lower lips are composed of two parts:
– The white lip or skin area
– Red or vermilion lip or mucous area

We must distinguish those who are looking for:
– To restore a texture of well hydrated young lips, without increasing their overall volume.
– To redraw their outline (rebalance an asymmetrical lip, restore volume to an overly thinned lip, etc…).

In this process we will redefine the areas of the lip like the cupid’s arch and the philtral ridges.
Lip reshaping can combine different techniques such as contour drawing by acid injection.
Assessing bone support is also essential, as the jaws are an important base for support.
Injection of the chin is sometimes essential to obtain a harmonious mouth.

Our solutions to have fuller lips:
– Hyaluronic acid
– Skin boosters
– Surgical lift (of the upper lip)
– Permanent makeup (Otelina Swiss Spa)