Hyaluronic acid injections

Hyaluronic acid injections

This molecule is naturally present in the body.
It decreases with sun exposure and over the years.
Hyaluronic acid injections are a major solution in sagging skin, filling wrinkles and deep hydration of the skin. The injections have a stimulating effect on the endogenous production of hyaluronic acid.
Depending on the treated areas, we will choose the most suitable hyaluronic acid for the desired correction.
We mainly use the
Allergan’s Juvederm Vycross line.

All areas of the face can be treated:
– To fill the nasolabial folds, smile lines.
– To improve the mouth area by plumping the lips, lifting the corners (angles of the mouth), correcting bitterness folds and asymmetries.
– To also improve the eye area by filling the vale of tears, or even by restoring volume to the eyebrows or by injecting the temples.
– To restore the oval of the face, by raising the cheekbones, and/or filling in the sunken cheeks or strengthening the chin.
– To improve the aesthetics of the nose.

The expected results :
– A rested look
– A younger look
– A repulped look
– A luscious mouth
– A radiant face with a redesigned oval
– Reduction of wrinkles and fine lines
– Less wrinkled skin

Things you should know :
– The results are immediate but improve in the weeks that follow.
– The effect of the first session will be evaluated during a control appointment that will take place at least 6 to 8 weeks after the first session.
– The effects last for several months, from 12 to 18 months, depending on the areas and the care provided to the skin.
– It is not recommended to take anti-inflammatory drugs or aspirin the days before the treatment.
– Exposure to the sun or strong heat are also to be avoided in the days following the injections.
– After the injections, slight edema or hematomas may appear.
– Rarely small nodules may appear, they usually disappear a few days after the injections.

During a preliminary consultation your expectations will be analyzed and all the explanations will be given to you as well as a quote so that you can make your decision. Informational pamphlets about the prescribed procedure will be issued to you on the day of the consultation.


Use of a 0.5 ml syringe: 400.- CHF
Use of a 1 ml syringe: 700.- CHF
Use of 2 to 3 1 ml syringes: 550.- CHF/syringe
Use of 4 or more 1 ml syringes: 450.- CHF/syringe

AreasMinimum number of syringes to be expectedAppointment
Oval of the face / chin4 syringesNyonGeneva
Cheekbones2 syringesNyonGeneva
The Valley of Tears2 syringesNyonGeneva
Cheeks2 syringesNyonGeneva
Nasolabial folds1 syringeNyonGeneva
Bitterness folds1 syringeNyonGeneva
Lips (contour or wrinkles)0.5 syringeNyonGeneva
Lips (fuller)1 syringeNyonGeneva
Eyelids1 syringeNyonGeneva
Dark circles / Pockets1 syringeNyonGeneva
Tempes2 syringesNyonGeneva
Nose1 syringeNyon
Soft lifting8 syringesNyonGeneva
Other areas (e.g. forehead)To be determined during consultationNyonGeneva
Acne scars0.5 syringeNyonGeneva
Wrinkles filling0.5 syringeNyonGeneva

The number indicated above is a minimum number of syringes and is indicative. It must be adapted to the volume that is sought. During the initial consultation, the doctor will determine the number of syringes required for the desired effect and a precise estimate will be established.

As for touch-ups, these will be charged in case of new syringes being injected, according to the rates specified above, taking into account the number of syringes already injected during the first session. If the hyaluronic acid injected comes from the syringe previously used during the first session, CHF 100 will be invoiced to cover the medical procedure.

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