Comment se débarrasser des vaisseaux des jambes

How to get rid of leg vessels

How to get rid of unsightly vessels of the legs

Spider veins are dilated vessels forming red or bluish networks under the skin and located on the thighs, legs and ankles.

The color of a varicose vein depends on its size, its depth and the oxygen concentration of the venous blood. :
• Diameter between 0.2 and 0.5 mm: pink or red spider veins. These are superficial and fine spider veins.
• Diameter between 0.5 and 2 mm: blue or purple spider veins. These are deep and wide spider veins.

Spider veins can have different forms :
• Fans or stars, centered around a blue vein,
• Dense spots located in the shape of a tree,
• Isolated and diffuse twigs.

They can appear after pregnancy, following weight gain and under certain working conditions.
It is important to rule out damage to the deep veins, especially if there are signs of venous insufficiency, such as swelling of the legs, pain.
Before starting a treatment, an ultrasound examination of the venous network of the legs will be requested.

Our solutions to get rid of unsightly vessels of the legs:
– Sclerotherapy
– NdYAg vascular laser
– Pulsed light