How to get rid of a tattoo or permanent makeup?

When you make the decision to get a tattoo, you don’t necessarily think that one day you would want to change or modify it.
This regret that is born, is also mixed with the fear of tattoo removal with everything we hear about it…
And yet, today there is a simple and effective solution: the Picocare picosecond laser.
The pigment will burst into tiny particles of sand.
These will be eliminated by the macrophage cells and then be evacuated by lymphatic route.

Adolescents, adults, many people get tattoos today, or use permanent make-up.

It is therefore essential to use a therapeutic tool that will combine the qualities of:
– Simplicity
– Efficiency
– Rapidity
– Security

During the prior consultation, the doctor will look for:
– Age of the tattoo
– Use of different pigments: some colors may be more difficult to remove such as blue and green.
– Tattoo technique: the pigment may be more or less deep in the dermis

Our revolutionary solution, Laser Picocare:
– Remove all tattoos without leaving scars in 3 to 6 sessions.
– Even very fine tattoos such as permanent eyeliner, permanent eyebrow makeup or lip contour.
– For all skin types and all pigment colors used.