Treat falling gaze

How to treat falling eyes

The gaze is the most intense mean of communication after speaking
It allows you to express your joy or your pain.
The eyes are what you see first in the face.
The expectations expressed about the look are often very frequent and varied:

Eyebrow tail lowered :
– The tail of the eyebrow can fall out because there is a hollow temple and therefore an absence of support just on the neighboring area.
– A slightly prominent brow bone is also responsible for the drooping aspect of the tail of the eyebrow.
– It can also be due to a heavy upper eyelid.
– The impression can also be given by poorly structured tweezer depilation.

Our solutions for a lowered eyebrow tail :
– Botulinum toxin injection
– Injection of hyaluronic acid either in the temple or in the eyebrow
– Surgical lifting of the eyebrow tail (or temporal lifting)
– HIFU Focused Ultrasound
– Radiofrequency coupled with Ultrasound (Exilis Elite®)
Permanent makeup (Otelina Swiss Spa)

Drooping upper eyelid :
– The sagging skin will be visualized in this area by a more or less pronounced excess of skin.
The shape of the brow bone is very important in the process of sagging skin.
Indeed a more prominent arch will delay the relaxation of the upper eyelid

Our solutions for a drooping upper eyelid:
– Botulinum toxin injection (at the start of sagging)
– Injection of hyaluronic acid in the eyebrow
– HIFU Focused Ultrasound
– Radiofrequency coupled with Ultrasound (Exilis Elite®)
– Upper blepharoplasty (outpatient surgical procedure)