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Get rid of spots

How to get rid of spots

The spots, more or less brown, for which people consult us, have very variable origins.
The first major cause is repeated sun exposure.
We then speak of solar lentigos, called “age spots” by patients.
They are present especially on exposed areas such as the face, the back of the hands, the neckline, the skull of bald men.

Another common diagnosis is melasma or mask of pregnancy, common in pregnant women or on the pill.
It can also appear without any associated hormonal factor.
A melasma is :
– More or less homogeneous, it darkens over the years and after sun exposure.
– Frequently located on the forehead, cheeks.

Lighten intimate and armpit areas :

In these sensitive areas it is not uncommon to observe unsightly pigmentation after hair removal or microtrauma due to ingrown hairs.
The PRX T-Lady peel is a new treatment for aging and pigmentation of the external intimate areas (underarms, labia majora, perianal area and mammary areola). This peel will be able to lighten hyperpigmented areas and give them firmness. One session every 15 days (7 days for the perianal area) for 5 sessions and more.

Various origins are also to be noted :
– Pigment incontinence is a diagnosis that will be made under the dermatoscope.
Following a trauma (eg sunburn), pigment goes in the dermis.
It is often not sensitive to usual stain treatments.
– A nevus can be mistaken as a stain, especially if it is recent.
– Seborrheic keratosis is a more or less dark and more or less raised spot.
– Pigmented actinic keratosis, a precancerous lesion, can appear as a common spot.

Treatment techniques will depend on the diagnosis made.
To carry out a treatment, it will be necessary to avoid being too tanned and especially to be exposed to the sun in the weeks which follow.
In the case of melasma, a preparation of the skin will be necessary before treatment.

Our solutions to get rid of spots :
– Anti-stain peeling
– PRX Biorevitalizer Peeling
– SandroDual laser
– Pulsed light
– Ablative / fractional laser
– Mesotherapy (lighten spots)
– Cellular regeneration by Plasma Rich in PRP Platelets or vampire lift (lighten spots)
– Picocare laser
– Cryotherapy
– PRX T-Lady for intimate and armpit areas