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Tensor wires

Tensor wires are intended to lift the facial skin.
They are placed under the skin to allow the retention of tissue and have a lifting effect without surgery.
We use “Silhouette Soft” wires, which are absorbable wires with bidirectional cones.
Its components are completely absorbable, biocompatible and biodegradable.
The absorption takes about 30 months.
The cones allow better fixation in the subcutaneous tissues.
So the lifting result obtained will not move in the following months.

The expected results :
– Less sagging skin
– A rested look

Things you should know :

  • Local anesthesia is performed before laying the wires in the treated area.
  • The wires are laid with all the aseptic precautions (sterile field and gloves).
  • The wires are inserted under the skin without any skin incision.
  • Small hematomas may appear after the procedure, as well as an edema and localized pain.
  • The results are instantly visible.
  • The wires are completely invisible and painless.
  • No social eviction

During a preliminary consultation your expectations will be analyzed and all the explanations will be given to you as well as a quote to help you make your decision. Informational pamphlets about the prescribed procedures will be issued to you on the day of the consultation.
Informational pamphlets on the prescribed procedures will be issued to you on the day of the consultation.

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Fils tenseurs

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