soin visage teint éclatant

Regain a radiant complexion

How to say goodbye to a gray complexion or a yellow complexion?
Cigarettes, pollution, stress, are factors that lead to impurities and therefore skin with a gray or yellow complexion.
This “gray mine” gives us a tired look, even a poor health look.
However, other factors can also come into play: the sun, for example, causes the skin to dry out, just like cold or wind.
Thus, the complexion is duller because the skin is dehydrated.
Dry skin causes a lack of luminosity, as well as small wrinkles.
Deep hydration of the skin will restore a fresher and radiant complexion.
Also the exfoliation of the superficial layers of the skin, by eliminating irregularities, gives the skin the power to reflect light.

Besides a healthy lifestyle, solutions exist to restore radiance to your complexion.

Our solutions to regain a radiant complexion:
– Chemical peel
– PRX Biorevitalizer Peeling
– Microneedling
– Mesotherapy
– Cellular regeneration by Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP or vampire lift)
– Skin boosters
– Pulsed light
– Fractional ablative laser
– HIFU Focused Ultrasound