LPG Medical Alliance

LPG Medical Alliance in endometriosis

This new 4-step endometriosis symptom management protocol is designed to last 30 minutes.

The therapist personalizes the LPG Alliance® treatment according to your endometriosis and how you feel, to truly improve your quality of life. And since every woman has her own endometrium, the therapist can:

  • Use the various steps separately, according to the patient’s specific needs
  • Prolonging certain steps when they relieve the patient

A prior medical consultation is necessary to assess the symptoms that may be improved by the treatment and to establish your program.

Appointment in Nyon


LPG body endermology treatment ® 30 min session
LPG 30 minutes session
120.- CHF
LPG endermology treatment ® 6 sessions treatment
LPG 6-session subscription
685.- CHF
LPG endermology treatment ® 12 sessions treatment
LPG 12-session subscription
1290.- CHF