soin contre les rougeurs

Get rid of redness

How to get rid of redness

This is a frequent reason for consultation.
Redness causes discomfort in your everyday or professional life.
There is a weakening of the small vessels of the skin, which become, over time, permanently visible.
Lesions predominate on the cheeks, the wings of the nose, the chin and less often the forehead.
The skin is often considered sensitive and reactive by people who suffer from it, with a dry tendency on the sides and oily in the mid-facial part.

These rednesses can however have different causes :
– Beginning stage of rosacea
– Photoaging
– Stellar angiomas on a rosacea background
– Other dermatological causes

Many factors will accentuate the visible signs (eg sun exposure, stress, etc.).

Our solutions to get rid of redness :
– Vascular laser
– SandroDual laser
– Pulsed light
– Mesotherapy
– Cellular regeneration by Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP or vampire lift)