Hyperpigmentation zone intime

Hyperpigmentation of the intimate area

How to reduce pigmentation in my private parts

Some women have a complex about the brownish coloration of their skin, due to an accumulation of melanin in the ano-genital area.

There are extrinsic factors such as wearing tight underwear, as well as humidity, shaving or hot waxing in this area. For some patients, the contraceptive pill is the trigger. Intrinsic factors may be responsible for hyperpigmentation, such as ethnic origin, hormonal disorders and insulin resistance.

Intimate area lightening is a frequent consultation request. While dark-skinned people are most concerned by very dark private parts, the discomfort associated with genital hyperpigmentation can affect everyone.


  • Medical peels: PRX T Lady and Dermamelan Intime

Most intimate peels are performed on the following areas:

  • Large lips
  • Area between the legs
  • Anus
  • Buttock groove