Fighting Hair Loss: The Power of Platelet Rich Plasma

Publié le: 3 June 2024 par Dr Larnier

First of all, it’s normal to lose between 30 and 150 hairs a day. Each hair has a cycle that consists of a growth phase (anagen phase) under hormonal and nutritional influences, a fairly short rest phase lasting a few weeks (catagen phase) and then a fall phase lasting several months (telogen phase) before new […]

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Dark circles, the main cause of tired-looking eyes!

Publié le: 31 May 2021 par Dr Larnier

If you’re tired of using concealers, anti-puffiness products, this article is for you. Hyaluronic acid makes it possible to correct full or hollow circles without surgery. A distinction is generally made between a hollow ring and a full ring (also called a pocket). Hollow circles make you look tired, even more so when they are […]

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Is HIFU effective for skin tightening?

Publié le: 20 July 2020 par Dr Larnier

“Doctor, my skin is starting to sag, what can I do about it?” This is a very frequent request during consultations. The degree of skin slackening can be more or less significant.consultation. The area most prone to sagging is the lower face, with the major sign being the jowl. The essential parameters to be taken […]

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