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Get rid of love handles

How to get rid of love handles

The accumulation of fat above the hips is called “love handles”.
These small beads thicken the hips by one or more sizes.
They most often appear around their forties, due to a more sedentary lifestyle.
Heredity would also play a role.
The main culprit is mainly our consumption of sugar.
When you eat sweet, there is an increase in the blood sugar level (hyperglycemia) followed by hypoglycemia, that is to say a rate that is too low.
Our body responds by secreting insulin from the pancreas.
However insulin promotes the fat storage phenomenon and will therefore promote the appearance of love handles.
First, to avoid love handles, you need a healthy diet and focus on sports, especially the work of the abdominal muscles.
However, today, thanks to lipocryolysis, the destruction of fat cells by the cold, it is very easy and painless to lose your famous love handles.
The use of lipomassage can help beforehand if these handles are associated with fibrous cellulite or the choice of ultrasound coupled with radio frequency is possible in the presence of deep abdominal fat.
The goal in losing them is to regain a more refined silhouette.

Our solutions to get rid of love handles :
– Cellu M6 Alliance LPG,
– HIFU Focused Ultrasound,
– Lipocryolysis,
– Ultrasound coupled with radio frequency (Exilis Elite ®)