Treating sagging face

How to treat sagging face

Behind the sagging skin you express various expectations :
– Loss of facial oval
– The jowls
– Digging the nasolabial folds
– The appearance of folds of bitterness
– The double chin
– Loss of elasticity in the neckline, vertical wrinkles in the neckline
– A sad and tired look…

How is this sagging explained?
It is a physiological process of aging of the skin.
It refines, renews slower and less.
The cells in the dermis make less collagen, hyaluronic acid, or elastin.
There is a loss of tone.
Changes in fatty tissue and decreased muscle mass promote a relaxed appearance.
The role of the bone structure in the supporting of the skin is not to be forgotten.
For example, a person with protruding cheekbones may keep a pretty oval of the face longer.
On sagging skin, wrinkles will deepen.
Treating sagging means removing or at least reducing wrinkles.

Several factors will accelerate the aging process of the skin :

Hormonal changes
The decrease in hormonal secretion observed over the years. Thyroid hormones, sex hormones have a role on the growth and appearance of the skin.

The environment
An unfavorable environment (sun, tobacco, stress, etc.) can modify the genetic capital of skin cells, making them less efficient in their multiplication and more fragile.
To preserve the skin, avoid excessive sun exposure, tobacco, pollution, and at the same time have a healthy life (diet, activity, etc.).

Weight fluctuations
Weight loss of all origins (diet, illness, medicine, etc.) will promote muscle wasting and therefore a lack of skin support.
If these episodes are repeated over time, they will have more impact.

The dehydration
Poor local maintenance is also a source of sagging and the appearance of wrinkles.
The skin needs to be nourished correctly daily and even more if it is subjected to external stressors (cold, wind, sun, pollutants …)

All the techniques proposed (radiofrequency, hyaluronic acid, laser or pulsed light, etc.) will use stimulation of skin components such as collagen to tighten the skin.
Cellular regeneration by Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP or Vampire lift) is also a beneficial solution.
When there is a loss of volume related to sagging, the treatment of choice is the injection of hyaluronic acid, combined or not with other techniques.
In some cases, a surgical facelift may be considered.
The choice of solutions will depend on the degree of sagging and the skin condition to be treated.
During a consultation, a precise analysis will be made and a treatment plan and a quote will be given to you.

Our solutions to treat sagging face :
– Hyaluronic acid injection
– Skin boosters
– Mesotherapy
– Cellular regeneration by Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP or vampire lift)
– Microneedling
– Pulsed light
– Fractional laser
– HIFU Focused Ultrasound
– Radiofrequency coupled with Ultrasound (Exilis Elite®)
– Tensioning wires
– Surgical facelift
– PRX Biorevitalizer