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Reduce stretch marks

How to reduce stretch marks

Stretch marks result from too rapid and too strong a distension of the skin.
The skin locally loses its elasticity.
The most well-known circumstance is of course pregnancy in women.
But today stretch marks are frequently observed in young people, boys or girls, in sportsmen (untimely bodybuilding in young people…)

The circumstances under which stretch marks appear are varied:
– Gain of weight during adolescence
– Rapid growth in children
– Pregnancy
– Weight fluctuation
– Medicines (cortisone,..)
– Stress: cortisol increases during stress, this hormone plays a role in the appearance of stretch marks.
This is how apart from any pregnancy you can see stretch marks appear in thin women.

Stretch marks are first inflammatory (red appearance) and then become pearly white.
We cannot treat a stretch mark today, we can improve its appearance.
When sagging skin is associated with stretch marks, tightening the skin indirectly improves the appearance of stretch marks.

Our solutions to reduce stretch marks:
– Vascular laser (in case of inflammatory stretch marks)
– Fractional laser
– Hifu Focused Ultrasound,
– Ultrasound coupled with radio frequency (Exilis Elite ®)
– Mesotherapy
– Cellular regeneration by Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP or vampire lift)
– PRX Biorevitalizing Peeling