Combattre les fuites urinaires


Hyaluronic acid injectable gel

Désirial improves hydration of the vaginal mucosa for up to 12 months after injection. Désirial increases the volume of the G-spot, making it easier to achieve orgasm.

Expected effects:

  • Better fabric quality
  • Better tissue hydration
  • Reduces irritation, itching and vaginal dryness for at least 6 months.
  • Improved sexual function

Avoid after treatment:

  • Swimming pools, steam rooms and jacuzzis for 10 days
  • Sexual intercourse for 5 days
  • Activities likely to exert pressure on the treated area for several days (cycling, horse riding, etc.)

Désirial Plus restores volume to the labia majora.

The injection is performed under local anaesthetic using an anaesthetic cream to ensure greater patient comfort. The patient can resume her activities immediately after treatment.

Depending on the desired result, 1 to 2 sessions are recommended for optimal results.

Expected effects:

  • Restructuring the vulvovaginal region and improving its aesthetic appearance
  • Reduced mucosal inflammation and associated symptoms
  • Reduced vulvar pain (dyspareunia)
  • Improved sexual satisfaction

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Désirial session – 1 syringe
1 x 1ml syringe
370.- CHF
Désirial Plus session – 2 syringes
1 x 2ml syringe in each lip
1000.- CHF