It is a standard treatment used for many years.
The principle is to use a chemical (called sclerosant), which will destroy the interior of the wall of the vessel that bothers you.
The injection is made directly into the vein to be treated, a feeling of heat can be observed during the injection of the product.
The varicosity will therefore disappear after a few weeks.
The injection may be slightly painful, but the spread of the product is generally painless.

The expected result:

  • Elimination of small vessels of the legs considered unsightly.

Things you should know:

  • No anesthesia is necessary for this type of treatment.
  • A cotton pad will be applied to each needle inlet to compress the treated area and thereby optimize the results. It is advisable to leave these dressings at least 2 hours after the session.
  • In the days that follow, we can sometimes observe a small bruise at the injection site.
  • After the treatment you should not practice any sport for at least 24 hours, sometimes more if the treated vein is important.
  • No sun exposure is desired until complete healing and the disappearance of possible small hematomas.
  • Some patients may be referred to NdYag vascular laser sessions to supplement their treatment.
  • No treatment is given during breastfeeding, pregnancy or in case of allergy to the sclerosing product.
  • Duration of treatment: 30 minutes per session.
  • Three to four sessions, spaced at least a month apart.
  • A maintenance session is necessary every 2 to 5 years.

During a preliminary consultation your expectations will be analyzed and all the explanations will be given to you as well as a quote to help you make your decision. Informational pamphlets about the prescribed procedures will be issued to you on the day of the consultation.

Informational pamphlets on the prescribed procedures will be issued to you on the day of the consultation.

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Sclerotherapy – The session
To get rid of unsightly vessels on the legs
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