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PRX-T® Lady
Dermamelan intimate

Peeling PRX T-Lady and Dermamelan intimate

PRX-T® Lady is a peel used to locally biorevitalize external intimate areas. It is recommended for rejuvenation and hyperpigmentation of the vaginal vulva and perianal area. Suitable for all phototypes and all seasons. This peel is done in the office, and a roller can be used to maximize the effect.

In general, 5 sessions are required, 1 session every 15 days.

Expected effects:

  • A medical aesthetic treatment to firm the skin,
  • Targeted brightening.

PRX-T Lady is a painless, needle-free treatment that restores the treated area.

Dermamelan intimate is a medical depigmentation method developed specifically to act on the processes responsible for skin hyperpigmentation in the female intimate area. The peel is applied in the office, and the patient leaves with a mask applied by the doctor and protected by a film. The patient then rinses it at home 2 hours later.

A check-up at 8 days and then at one month is carried out to assess the effectiveness of the peel and judge whether a2nd session is necessary.

Expected effects:

  • Brightening of the treated area
  • Rejuvenation of treated skin

Appointment in Nyon and Geneva

LPGPRX-T® Lady and Dermamelan

PRX T-Lady Peel
160.- CHF
PRX T-Lady Peel – 5 Sessions
700.- CHF