Dark circles, the main cause of tired-looking eyes!

Publié le: 31 May 2021 par Dr Larnier

If you’re tired of using concealers, anti-puffiness products, this article is for you. Hyaluronic acid makes it possible to correct full or hollow circles without surgery.

A distinction is generally made between a hollow ring and a full ring (also called a pocket).

Hollow circle
Full circle or pocket

Hollow circles make you look tired, even more so when they are pigmented, either brown or bluish.

Full circles or bags also give a tired look, as the hollow under the bag is often darkened by the shadow created between the bag and the cheek. In the latter case, injection of the hollow with hyaluronic acid to camouflage the furrow, and wait several years for the fat contained in the pocket for several years.

The origins of dark circles are essentially linked to the structure of the face, and often have genetic origins. It can therefore be present very early in life, with young adults frequently frequently consult a doctor for this reason, in order to avoid the development their loved ones.

Dark circles also become more pronounced with age. An unhealthy lifestyle (smoking, alcoholism, excessive sun exposure) will also accelerate the process.

There’s nothing more annoying than hearing that you look tired when you’ve had a good night’s sleep or just got back from vacation. The gratifying solution for me as a doctor is to inject hyaluronic acid into the hollow to fill it. No more tired looks, and patients are extremely grateful.

correction of a hollow ring
Correction d’une poche

A few important points to bear in mind before having a ring injected:

  • This is a delicate area, with numerous vessels and small nerves. The skin is very thin. It should only be performed by doctors who are experts in injecting this area, as there is a risk of blocking important vessels. as there is a risk of blocking vessels important for vision. for vision.It should on Cerne is an area that I practice in our Otelina Medesthetic centers every week, multiple times. This is a frequent request for consultation.
  • Another precaution is to work only with a cannula, which is a tube with a round end to avoid piercing a vessel. The cannula should not be too thin. I work with 25 G cannulas, usually 50 mm long.
  • The choice of hyaluronic acid is also important. We’ll use a slightly volumizing acid, but it mustn’t be too hydrophilic to avoid swelling too much. In our Otelina Medesthetic centers, we use Volbella from Allergan Laboratories, the market leader.
  • Do not inject above the bone margin. If you run your finger along it, you’ll feel the edge, which may sag a little with age. It’s important to avoid injecting above it. By injecting in contact with the bone, there are no visible irregularities. A massage at the end of treatment is important to even out any small deposits.
  • Another important rule is never to overcorrect in this zone. It is best to repeat the treatment 2 to 3 weeks after the 1st injection.

Since hyaluronic acid is a transparent gel and the skin is thin in this area the injected gel will lighten the area, especially if it is brown or bluish. is brown or bluish. It takes several weeks for the color to improve.

Pocket correction and color reduction

In this area, which is not subject to much mechanical stress, the hyaluronic acid will last between 18 and 24 months. Injections are easy to follow, painless and the risk of hematoma is minimized by the use of a cannula.

All in all, filling the dark circles with hyaluronic acid is a simple, painless technique that allows you to say goodbye to a tired look and drastically reduce the use of concealer. It must be carried out by expert doctors who perform this injection on a very regular basis, as we do in our Otelina Medesthetic centers.