Fighting Hair Loss: The Power of Platelet Rich Plasma

Publié le: 3 June 2024 par Dr Larnier

First of all, it’s normal to lose between 30 and 150 hairs a day.

Each hair has a cycle that consists of a growth phase (anagen phase) under hormonal and nutritional influences, a fairly short rest phase lasting a few weeks (catagen phase) and then a fall phase lasting several months (telogen phase) before new hair appears.

Hair loss is more marked in spring and autumn. This phenomenon, although natural, can be a cause for concern.

Certain factors accelerate hair loss, such as :

  • heredity, known as androgenetic alopecia
  • the age,
  • stress and anxiety
  • certain illnesses (e.g. hypothyroidism, low iron levels in the blood, lack of vitamins such as vitamin B12, folates, etc.)
  • taking certain medications (e.g. chemotherapy, antidepressants, etc.)

If your hair becomes thinner, the parting is wider, the hair density is lower, the hairline is receding (marked temporal gulfs, receding forehead), you should seek medical advice.

Treatment is first and foremost to treat the cause if it has been identified, and to treat vitamin and iron deficiencies if they have been identified.

But in all cases, the injection of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is an effective solution for stimulating hair regrowth and maintaining dense, healthy hair, even in the face of seasonal challenges.

What is PRP and how does it work?

Platelet-rich plasma is obtained from your own blood by centrifugation. This extracts growth factors and proteins that promote healing and cell regeneration. This concentrated plasma is then reinjected into the areas of the scalp where hair loss is observed. A consultation with our specialist doctor will assess your scalp and answer any questions you may have. If you have a tumour or are in the process of treatment for one, this is a contraindication to PRP.

Results expected:

The growth factors in PRP activate the stem cells in the hair follicle, encouraging the growth of new hair and increasing the thickness of existing hair. It’s a natural solution with no side effects. The procedure is quick and allows you to resume your normal activities immediately.

Several sessions may be necessary to obtain optimum results. Results may vary from one patient to another, depending on the extent of hair loss at the start of treatment.

The treatment is monitored by our doctor, who will assess the effectiveness of the procedure. It is important to bear in mind that, due to the hair cycle, the assessment cannot be carried out before three months have elapsed.

Conclusion :

By harnessing your body’s natural healing power, PRP offers a safe and effective option for combating hair loss. It’s a procedure:

  • Natural: Uses the body’s own healing resources, minimising the risk of allergies or rejection.
  • Minimally invasive: Non-surgical, with rapid recovery and no complications.
  • Effective: Stimulates new hair growth and strengthens existing hair.

Do not hesitate to consult our doctors in our Otelina Swiss Medesthetic centres for a personalised opinion.



Consultation with our doctor
30 min
120.- CHF
PRP – The session – 1 Syringe
45 min
500.- CHF
PRP – The cure of 3 sessions – 1 Syringe
3 x 45 min
1300.- CHF